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Got Questions?


Q: How quickly can I get my drawings?

A: We endeavour to complete projects within seven working days.  However we can turn orders around more quickly, depending on workloads and client requirements.  If we agree to a specific deadline every effort will be made to met this.  If you’re on a tight deadline get in touch before you order.

Q: What do I need to send?

A: When using us for the first time many clients aren’t sure what to send or how to easily communicate their needs.  The How to Order video explains the basics.Section B of the order form (click How To Order) lists more details about what to send and how best to send it. Essentially, you don’t need to do any extra work than you already do.  All we need is a scale drawing with notes and labels on it.  No fancy graphics or colouring required; the rough draft you would create anyway before you ink up!

Q: What if I need to make changes/edits to the Visualisations?

A: If you’ve ordered a fixed price service, we allow one round of changes at each stage of the process.  We use a simple two stage process to create your Visualisations.  Stage I is when we create a 3D model and views you you have requested.  These views will be quite plain, without many plants or colour.  Once the model is approved we move on to stage II, when we add more plants, people, colour and the effects that will make your work stand out from the crowd.

If you’ve opted to be billed by the hour, we’ll make as many changes as you like and can even set a target time budget.

Q: What file format will my drawings be in?

A: We typically send your drawings as a PDF but you can request an alternate format.  Just include this in the Additional Information filed on the order form.  As a general rule we cannot send other file formats such as .dwg or .skp unless we agree to do so at the start of the project.  In some circumstances we might agree to send .other files formats after the fact, but this will incur a £25 admin fee per file sent.

Q: Can I get a PSD or DWG file so I can make further edits to the design?

A: We can send DWG files of the 3D model in certain circumstances although we prefer not to.  Note: we cannot accept any liability for any inaccuracies in these files.  We will only send plans in .pdf or .dwg format IF we have agreed to do so before starting your project

Q: Do I need to complete the order form - can I just email my stuff? 

A:  Yes you can!  We'll contact you to complete the order and confirm the price before we start.

Q: How do you create the examples I see on your website?

A: Without getting overly technical we use a two stage process.  We start by building a 3D model using the scale design drawing you provide.  This is Stage 1.  We will save the basic wireframe view(s) and send them to you.  Once approved they get imported into Photoshop for Stage 2, when we add the final detailing, artistic effects and some planting.  We then send these for your approval and make another round of edits as needed.

Q: I really like the examples on your website - do you design gardens?

A: We only provide drawing services for design professionals.  We do not offer any design services.  If you are looking for a qualified professional we suggest that you contact the SGD (Society of Garden Designers), BALI (British Association of Landscape Industries), APL (the Association of Landscape Professionals), or any number of professional bodies that represent landscape/architectural designers.  NOTE:  Designs Illustrated does not endorse nor recommend any organisation or professionals.

Q: How much will I pay?

A: One of the advantages of using Designs Illustrated is our fixed price list.  Please see each Service for the latest pricing. It couldn’t be easier; if you know which service you would like and the area of your design, just go to that service and reference the price chart.   A full list of services can be found under each Service.  We can also undertake projects by quotation or by the hour and can set a budget No. of hours.  

Q: Is VAT included?

A: We are not currently required to be VAT registered, so the prices you see are what you pay.

Q: My project is very large or very small.

A: If your project is outside the scope of the size categories listed, send us your plan(s) for a quotation. 

Q: I need help but don’t want to take someone on.

A: One of the benefits of using a dedicated outsourcing service such as Designs Illustrated is that we’re here when you need us but you have no additional overheads when you don’t!  

Q: How does Designs Illustrated ensure consistency on every project?

A: We make a point of assigning you the same Illustrator if possible.  The team are all trained and experienced at meeting client expectations.  We also use project management software that outlines tasks/workflow, tracks time and much more.  We do everything possible to make sure you’re happy with your drawings.

Q: I’m not sure how the service will benefit me.

A: Designs Illustrated was created for one purpose; to help designers like you.  We do this by providing drawings you either cannot create yourself or don’t have time to create.  These take the form of Visualisations, Sketch Plans, Planting Plans, the Design Proposal (a Sketch Plan and two Visualisations), Construction Drawings or a Full Plan Set.  Some clients use our service regularly and others only for special projects.  All we need to transform your 2D design is a scaled drawings of your plans with some information & notes on it.

Q: Can I use the drawings Designs Illustrated has created for me on social media or my website, etc?

A: Yes!  Drawings you’ve paid for are yours to do with as you like.  One of the benefits of digital drawings is that they are great social media fodder.  They’re also handy as a selling point for prospective clients that can help you get ahead of the competition.

 Q: I don’t like standard computer graphics; what will my drawings look like?

A: We have worked hard to develop graphic styles that help you communicate your ideas clearly.  For landscape design clients, the combination of sketchy lines and other elements in our Visualisations allow your clients to take in the scale/proportion/feel of your design.  Photo realistic renders are too detailed and cause clients to focus on minutiae.

For architectural projectswe tend to use a photorealistic illustrations style as this gets better results.

Q: Can you supply construction or CAD drawings?

A: Most definitely.  These come as standard with the Full Plan Set or can be supplied as a stand alone service.  We work from sketches, dimensions and specifications provided by you as we are not qualified to specify any construction materials or methods.  

Q: I need to submit a Planning Application; can you do that?

A: 3D imagery is far superior to 2D when it comes to conveying information and we often create Location Plans, Site Plans and Visualisations on behalf of design professionals to support planning applications. 

You need to supply us with original design sketches or drawings as outlined in Section B of the order form.   Please note that we do not offer any design or specification services so all pertinent information regarding a planning application drawing should be provided when you order.  We do not, at this time offer Planning Application Filing services.

If you have any questions give us a call.  Phones are answered from 13:00 - 17:00 Mon - Fri and, unless we're on another line, an actual human will answer your call.  You may also email us:

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